Online alarm clock. It will wake you up for free.
It's just a free alarm clock. There's actually no nudity involved. The title is a bit misleading, but thought it might help you remember it.

We recommend that you play around (i.e. click on things) to get the feel of it before actually using it.

NOTE: Once the page is loaded, your internet connection is *no longer needed* for the alarm to function.

Unplug your HEADPHONES.
Make sure VOLUME is up.
Use TEST AUDIO button to verify volume. If you don't hear anything, something's wrong.
Make sure the AM/PM setting is accurate.
Press SET ALARM to turn alarm ON.
Turn off Power Saving features or Screensavers that may disable the alarm clock. (Thanks, Tom!)

You can click and drag the blue arrows to rapidly change the hours, minutes and seconds.
Use the small black and white circles next to the minutes and seconds to quickly adjust them to pre-set values.
Use the big arrow button on the right of the clock to quickly initialize the alarm time to the current time.
This will aid you in setting the alarm.
If you only have a short time to doze, use the blue +15, +30, +45, or +60 buttons to quickly initialize the alarm for that many minutes into the future.
Then press SET ALARM and you're good to go.

online alarm clock

The clock has been granted a reprieve.

Keep this web page in the FOREGROUND to help ensure its effectiveness.